Welcome to the JohnstonLab website

We are a multidisciplinary group that find excitement in applying materials science to varied fields. Core research is centred around X-Ray microtomography (µCT), aerospace and space materials mechanical characterisation, and applying artificial intelligence to real-world applications.

At JohnstonLab, we perform X-Ray µCT on a vast array of materials from aerospace alloys to bone and biological materials. The equipment we have is in X-Ray Imaging and wider microscopy through AIM (Advanced Imaging of Materials Facility – Rich is Co-Director of AIM) at Swansea University. This enables us to investigate the internal structures of materials non-destructively. 

We use mechanical characterisation methods to understand and optimise complex material behaviours in demanding environments like the jet engine. We have access to a mechanical test equipment that enables us to study these behaviours.

X-Ray Microtomography

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