Free tomography visualisation software workshop

Free workshop on visualisation software for tomographic data, hosted by the Advanced Imaging of Materials (AIM) Facility at Swansea University.

On Thursday March 10th, 9am – 5pm, there will be a free workshop on the use of free/open software for visualisation of 3D tomography datasets, kindly supported by the The Software Sustainability Institute. The workshop will be delivered by invited speaker Dr Russell Garwood, an 1851 Research Fellow and Lecturer from the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester, and will focus on the use of three software platforms – Drishti, SPIERS, and Blender.

There are 20 places open to researchers from any field, available on a first come, first served basis. Email to confirm a place. You will need to bring your own laptop with the three software packages installed before the workshop. This will be held on the Bay Campus, Swansea University. Further details can be found below.

The aim of this day, supported by the Software Sustainibility Institute (SSI:, is to introduce open source software solutions for processing CT (tomography) data. This will start with a talk, highlighting, some of the packages available, which will be followed by workshops in using three freely-available packages for both the visualisation and analysis of tomographic data: SPIERS(surfacing), Blender (ray tracing), and Drishti (volume rendering). Complementary software highlighted in the talk will include Meshlab (processing surfaces), ImageJ/Fiji (processing), Slicer (surfacing), OsiriX (processing and visualisation), and IDAV Landmark Editor/Geomorph R package (morphometric data acquisition). The intention is to highlight the efficacy and range of freely available software, higlighlighting that it is possible to tackle a broad range of research questions using tomography and freely available software – whilst also demonstrating those areas which are weaknesses within open source solutions, such as quantification.

After the workshop, those who wish to, can join us for an evening meal and drinks somewhere in Swansea.

Many thanks



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