Current Research Projects

Nature’s Hidden Worlds – Investigating internal architectures within nature via X-ray microtomography. The aim is to consider the function of natural structures non-destructively, using 3-dimensional data to optimise the engineering and design of structures at varying length scales. Evolutionary optimisation, biomimetics, and bioinspiration leading to improved engineering. With PhD student Laura North @Loobags87

Abradable Coating Materials –  The aim of this research project is to study numerous mechanical characterisation technologies to further understand how abradable coatings behave. This data will also feed into a model that has been constructed to help predict abradable material life times in service. With PhD student Dan Moyle @DanMoyle8 and in collaboration with Rolls-Royce plc.

Gas Turbine Superalloys – The aim of this project is to develop optimum forming and heat treatment routes for selected casing and bolting alloys in gas turbines – in particular, ring rolling of Nickel-based superalloys. With EngD student Sam Gardner and in collaboration with Rolls-Royce plc.

Laser Ultrasonics – Investigating laser ultrasonics and their application to additive manufacturing. With PhD student Simon Garner and in partnership with TWI.

Imaging of Volcanic Debris/Tephrochronology – A collaborative project with Prof. Siwan Davies, Adam Griggs, and Dr Peter Abbott, investigating X-ray CT as a method of imaging volcanic deposits and networks in sub-sea core samples.

Ancient Egyptian Clay Cobra Figurines – Collaborative project with Dr Kasia Szpakowska investigating failure mechanisms in clay cobra figurines, relating fracture behaviour to human behaviour. A nice taster video

Using ‘digital’ Materials to Establish a Novel Investigative Platform for Cardiac Arrest – Collaborative project with Dr Peter Theobald (Cardiff Uni) to develop a realistic material heart model via additive layer manufacturing

Medical Device Optimisation – An industry collaboration with Dr Steve Brown (Haemair Ltd.), Dr Raoul van Loon (Swansea University) and Claudio Donofrio (PhD student) imaging device architecture and modelling bloodflow.

Providing new model organisms for biomedical research: The tale of molluscs, mice and men – Collaborative project with Dr Anwen Williams (Cardiff University) and Dr Andrew Davies (Bangor University) to investigate the feasibility of molluscs as new model organisms for bone.

MAM (Materials: Ancient and Modern) – A collaborative project with Dr Ian Mabbett, Dr Matt Carnie, and Dr Tracey Rihll. Taking inspiration from Roman concrete, we’re investigating the use of waste slags from industrial sites.

Additive Protection – A collaboration with Dr Peter Theobald investigating optimised structures from additive layer manufacturing applied to the safety and impact industry.

Arthritis Research – Collaborating with Anwen Williams (Cardiff University) on her arthritis project and investigating new ways of characterising arthritic features.

Structure-Property Relationships in Biomaterials – Collaborating with Dr Michelle Oyen (Cambridge University) on a number of themes, materials, and species to investigate the physical architecture of natural materials and their mechanical properties.

Degradation of Titanium Implant Materials – Collaboration with Dr Zhidao Xia (Swansea University) to investigate ‘biocompatible’ titanium alloys and their degradation in the body

Cartilage Regrowth – Working with Dr Ilyas Khan and Dr Lewis Frances (Swansea University) to study and characterise cartilage regrowth mechanisms.


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